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I wish to become an Astronaut when I was a kid, software engineer is just a wonderful misunderstanding.

Get my first computer in 12 years old, a Windows XP, Pentium 4, 1536MB RAM, and Nvidia GT230 Desktop computer with 15 inch CRT monitor! But the computer is just another “gaming console” to me, the very first game installed was Counter-Strike 1.5. Later, I’m managed to access the internet with Dial-up, can still remember the noisy sound and expensive bills :D. While surfing the internet, the most frequent thing that happened is the computer affected by the virus, although there is Antivirus installed, just don’t know why!? After getting complaints from parents, I’m learned to fix my own computer in order to save parent’s money, and of course to avoid punishment. From the time being, I become a “Computer expert” among family members. After graduating from secondary school, I’m asked to choose a computer-related course according to my “expertise”. Without life aim and favorite, I listen to family’s advice and chosen to take the Diploma in Information System Engineering in a well-known college, the Tunku Abdul Rahman College. I’m beginning interested in programming and have some talent for it. Thus, the legend begins …

Looking forward to making you and me better with my crafts!


LikKee Chong, Richie

Work Process


Research and Plan

A great idea needs to be carefully planning to meet business strategic objectives, resource availability, cost-related issues, timeframes and determining solutions.


Design and Develop

With the requirements in place, it’s time to start designing what this software will look like, how it works, and turn the visuals into lines of code.



The well-tested application is moved to production and it’s time to get everyone on the same page!